The rarest and most amazing horse color is Isabella

In nature, there are a large number of breeding horses that delight with their beauty. But have you ever heard of Isabella’s horse? Horses of this color are amazing creatures, considered the rarest in the world, so they are very much appreciated and not cheap.

The skin of pets has a cream shade, the body with a mane and tail of the same color, without any pigments. Wool in the sun shines and shimmers with silver. Foals are born white with pink skin and blue eyes. With age, their coat acquires the final color, and their eyes remain blue.

Photographers love taking pictures of these beauties because they are very photogenic, their fur is reflected in iridescence when the camera flashes. To appreciate the beauty of the described horse, just look at the photo. These graceful, seemingly fragile creatures have great endurance, good health, and quickly adapt to different weather conditions.


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