The cunning parrot learned to meow and hiss. And what to do, life is like that!

Where he was born, there he came in handy. It’s not just a saying, it’s a law of nature. Observe it in our time in the majority of animals. We will now explain what we mean. Somehow a parrot was born in the family. A good family, loved, fed on time, stroked on the head. The family had a peculiarity – there were many cats.

Cats are known to be friends of suspicious quality to birds. You know why, we will not explain to you. In the end, what was left for the poor parrot? That’s right, abstract.

Parrots are smart birds, and the hero of our article made a very correct decision – he adopted all their favorite sounds from cats, began to purr, mayow and hiss. With all this, he has not lost his bird personality at all and remains the same cute parrot as before. An excellent video where a conversation between a feathered and several cats is filmed.

Попугай Какаду мяукает. Parrots meows

We did not understand what they are talking about, but the main thing is that they are interested in each other. Parrot technique and you will come in handy. If you want to successfully speak with your opponent, speak his language.

Watch the video and send it to your friends. You will love it, no doubt!

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