The Best Shots of the 2019 Animal Comedy Photography Contest Finalists

The famous comedy wildlife photography competition each year hosts a huge number of photographs that compete for the title of the most – the most. This year, 40 works were nominated, which turned out to be so excellent that laughter at them will extend the life of readers by 40 years, no less. After all, how can one with a marble face look at the lovely muskrats, pelicans and cubs and not squeeze out even the shadow of a smile? That’s right, no way!

1. Thousand paw!

2. Facepalm – bearish version

3. Synchronized penguin run

4. When a friend is as stupid as you

5. “Just don’t say they’re behind”

6. Inherited

7. When a friend is a little

8. “No, just not winter!”

9. “Smile and wave!”

10. Caught a wave

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