Photos That Prove Cats Are Aliens

Sometimes our pets do not behave the way we would like. They can be naughty or do something funny. It seems that cats are the most ordinary animals, but thanks to these funny shots, we got a selection that once again proves that they are clearly not from our world.

“So, while no one sees, you need to quickly bring yourself to your senses, otherwise you don’t have the strength to pretend.” I wonder what he was really thinking at that moment? “And here I am sitting and thinking why I am not a bird, why I am not flying. After all, I would like to try it, at least once. ” This cutie often sits in the kitchen like this when his owners are cooking something.

“What are you looking at, have you ever seen tired paws? You need to go in for sports and take off fatigue, as if by hand. Good advice from the cat Vaska will not leave you indifferent.

Looks like this cat is overdone. Now everyone will do it. On their planet, that’s probably how they hunt or sleep. The question arises, is he really comfortable?

“It’s not easy to disguise yourself all the time, well, when will it be possible to just relax and do nothing?” This redhead constantly asks this question.

“Mistress, quickly run to the bathroom – the tap must be turned on, otherwise I won’t last long. I’m smart, but my strength is running out!” His family is clearly not bored with him.

“Transforming! And the commander said that everything is simple, it turns out, you also need to know the codes. It’s okay, now I’ll think about it, remember, and everything will work out.

“Well, I’ll help the owner once, I hope they don’t guess that I’m too smart and hardworking, otherwise they will force me to do something else.” Not a cat, but a real helper!

“There were failures in the disguise system, you need to urgently consult a doctor, otherwise I’ll be killed, they’ll burn with giblets.” What are you watching? This cat eats like this all the time.

“I just need to lie down here for a bit and I will definitely find out all the passwords, copy all the files, I will be the smartest cat on the planet.”

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