I only wanted to “cut the ends”, but the master got carried away and created a masterpiece

The young lady decided to change her image a little. She wanted to cut the ends and improve the overall condition of her hair. The main goal of the woman was – “to make her hair more neat.” She naturally had a good hair color, but he was already rather “bored”. The master suggested to his client more radical changes. He advised to remove a third of the length of the hair to say goodbye to curly and split ends. Now the girl’s hair covers her shoulders a little, but this length is just perfect for her. After all, long hair is not always beautiful hair.

After that, the master began the staining process. He decided to colorize.

The master painted the roots in a dark color, left the main length natural, and brightened the tips significantly. Some time after applying the paint, the hairdresser washed it off and applied a special balm to the strands, which improved their condition.

A few more strokes with scissors, and the perfect haircut is ready!

The woman was delighted. A happy smile never left her face. Her appearance has become very spectacular and modern! Do you agree?

The last step was easy styling. Large curls are a great option that suits absolutely everyone. And this woman is no exception!

Thanks to this hair color, the eyes and lips of the girl became much more expressive, and the haircut and styling gave her image a fresh and stylish look. What is typical for this haircut, it is not necessary to do any styling every day. Even with straight hair, thanks to their special shade, any lady will look bright and spectacular.

Did you like the transformation of this girl? How many points would you rate the work of her master? Tell us in the comments! Your opinion is very important to us!

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