Adorable antidepressants with tails and paws that are already rushing to you!

It has been proven that if you take a cat in your hands and warm it, it will become warm not only for her, but also for you. And if you play with a dog, run and jump, then both the person and the animal will receive hormones useful for the body. In a word, you need to have pets to make life better. And start, of course, with the smallest and cutest!

Who are you? Let’s be friends?

The puppy realized for the first time in his life that now he has a human owner!

Stupid calf loves to try everything on the tooth

He is ready to rush anywhere and cheer everyone up.

What are you doing here?

This dog suits this suit very well.

What was it, huh?

She is scared in a big train, but you can’t show it!

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