A homeless man asked a street musician to play along with him. Their “Summertime” broke the internet!

Musician Jonathan Walker was playing on the streets of the British city of Leeds when a homeless man approached him and asked if he could sing a song with him. Walker had no idea if the man could sing, but agreed, because he had seen him on the streets more than once.

Video: Homeless Irishman blows crowds away in Leeds with his rendition of  'Summertime' | The Irish Post

It turned out that the homeless man’s name was Bernard Davey. Together they performed the song “Summertime” by American composer George Gershwin – Walker played the guitar and Davey sang. And the way he sang struck all the passers-by, and then the Internet.

Homeless man joins busker for incredible impromptu performance | ITV News  Calendar

“Hopefully Bernard’s amazing improvisation will help people remember that you shouldn’t judge people on the street by their appearance, you need to look deeper to understand a person,” Walker writes.


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