The monkey wants to shelter a little kitten and therefore tries to drag him up a tree

Primates have a highly developed maternal instinct, not only in relation to their cubs, but also to babies of other species. Monkeys can easily “adopt” a puppy, a kitten, a chicken, and even a lion cub. They not only feed the foundlings, carry them on themselves, but also hug, stroke, care for their fur and constantly protect them.

This Wild Baby Monkey is Obsessed With Her Cat | The Dodo Wild Hearts - YouTube

The presented video shows how a little monkey found a little kitten. The newly-made mother first hugs her mustachioed “son”, and then tries to drag her up a tree and put her in her nest.

Baby monkey Susie does not let dad cat hiss at loud meow kitten while mom cat feeds kittens. - YouTube

However, the baby does not want to climb so high, but the monkey does not give up and repeats its attempts many times.


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