The lynx impressed people with its powerful jump over the dam

This happened in the state of Louisiana, USA, in the area of one of the local dams. As usual, friends were fishing on Pecan Island when this huge lynx came out from the other side of the dam. It was a red lynx, a species of common lynx native to North America.

One of the fishermen grabbed the phone, believing that she would now fall into the water, but was very surprised. The beast managed to jump over the distance, although at first it seems that this is impossible. According to the approximate calculations of users, the lynx jumped over a distance of 3.5-4 meters.

The beast not only deftly jumped this distance, but also managed to gracefully jump over all the columns. If this were a dam jumping competition, the judges would definitely give this lynx 10 points out of 10! So the jumping ability of large and small cats can only be envied. As well as their powerful paws!


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