Several candidates for a bird beauty pageant

In total, there are at least 10,000 species of birds on our planet. And of course they are all very different. However, it is easy to single out a few of the most beautiful birds that I can win the heart of any aesthete. Anyone can enjoy their photo right now.

secretary bird

Malaysian eared frogmouth with baby

long-tailed tit

blue sialia

Fan-bearing crowned pigeon (Victoria crowned pigeon)

azure bird

maned dove

curly dove

South American harpy

South Philippine pygmy kingfisher

Tiger Astrild


Dracula parrot (eagle parrot)



whiskered tit

sword-billed hummingbird

Inca Tern

Guinea fowl (guinea bird)

golden pheasant

mandarin duck

Thick-billed azure magpie

Red-headed long-tailed tit

crested duck

flat-billed andigena

Red-cheeked coquette

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