Husky proves to the owner that the mess was formed by itself, and he was just passing by

Dogs are funny creatures that you can talk about endlessly. Owners of four-legged friends are well aware of how dogs love to be mischievous. After all, when there is a puppy in the house, he constantly frolics, plays pranks and gnaws everything that has got on his tooth. And how to explain to the furry bully what can and cannot be done. And the owners suffer, because every day small pests bring them new surprises. They gnawed slippers, knocked over a flower pot, broke a cup or tore up the upholstery of a favorite chair.

Хаски провинилась \ guilty husky - YouTube

Dog lovers are quickly learning that phones, tablets, remotes, and other gadgets are best put away. Otherwise, you will need to pick out the smartphone from the dog’s mouth. Every dog owner has experienced this at one time or another. Here in this video, a cute husky named Jutta and her confused owner found themselves in a similar situation.

Хаски провинилась guilty husky — Видео | ВКонтакте

This puppy got a little carried away with the game, as a result, the TV remote control can be thrown away. Jutta simply ate him up.


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