Have you noticed that if a cat is hurt, he starts talking like a human being? Calls the hostess, as if he wants to complain

Cats are doctors who identify problem areas themselves. They lie down on them, do a massage, absorbing negative energy, after which we feel much better. Our little family members feel sick much better than we do ourselves. Cats are creatures from a parallel world, they speak their own language, heal, improve their aura, sticking their wet nose into their palms. Many people have observed that cats can converse like human beings.

Говорящий кот, зовет Галю!!! - YouTube

Their meows and rumblings can be distinguished by intonations and determine what they want to tell us. Example: if a cat caresses and is in a good mood, she says “Mrr-meow” complacently, when she is unhappy, grumpy notes are observed, and anyone will understand anger – these are guttural low sounds accompanied by ears pressed to the head and a wary posture. The cat family can talk.

Кот зовет Галю. Кот говорит голова моя болит. Кот воспитывает сына. - YouTube | Кот, Смешные живот ные, Животные

This is not a fantasy of loving owners, but objectivity. “You sniff like a small tractor and stick your wet nose into my palm.” Relatives, loved ones, the best.



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