The girl sang for her father on the wedding day

A wedding is the most important day in any woman’s life. The wedding is the same important day for parents: their baby has become an adult and leaves the parental home.

Невеста спела для папы, зал плакал.

Breaking up with a child is so hard! Many parents simply cannot hold back their tears. Especially if the child decides to arrange a surprise for his parents! This bride decided to give the song not to the groom, but to her dear dad. When the girl sang, all the guests were so moved that they cried.

Невеста спела для папы, зал плакал | Невеста спела для папы, зал плакал |  By Старые и новые хиты old and new hits | Facebook

The heroine of the video is a girl with an angelic voice and a beautiful soul. Don’t hold back your emotions!

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