Young parents did not find funds to buy an apartment and decided to turn an abandoned building into their dream home

Many families with children seek to change city apartments for country houses, escaping from the hustle and bustle. A young couple from Hungary also decided to move, but their budget was very limited.

Unable to purchase a suitable home for themselves and their daughter, the guys profitably bought a plot with a dilapidated building. Young people determined what their ideal home should be, made a plan and got down to business. The family did not have funds for large-scale construction, so the work was carried out in stages.

The main task was to expand the space. Having removed the roof in need of repair, our heroes decided to add another floor to the house. The next step was the construction of a summer terrace. So a small building turned into a spacious two-story house. The new owners tried to keep most of the original details and practically did not purchase additional materials.

The young people restored the dilapidated furniture left from the previous owners and decided to repair the clay-brick oven. This part of the interior turned out to be especially valuable, because it was made according to old technologies. The stove was restored stone by stone and left in its original place.

The repair in this house has already been completed, and another child has appeared in the family.

Our heroes are happy that they decided to leave the city and create their own fairy-tale world with their own hands.

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