Every day a man carries water to animals

Today we are going to tell you about a noble man from Kenya who spends his own time every day to bring fresh water to the too dry areas of the Kenyan reserve called Tsavo West.

Patrick Mwalua is a resident of Kenya, and he regularly fills completely dry watering holes so that local wild animals do not die from extreme thirst. Antelopes, as well as buffaloes, zebras and elephants, other local residents are very dependent on a kind farmer, since there is virtually no water here. The animals are already well acquainted with a kind man, so they boldly go to their savior when he arrives.

Patrick is a simple farmer nearby. Once he saw how many animals in the national park suffer greatly due to a lack of rainfall, and simply could not be indifferent. Thus, since then, he has been filling up his own water carrier daily, which easily holds over 11,000 liters of liquid, and boldly goes on the road.

“Yesterday, five hundred buffaloes were steadfastly waiting for me at a dry watering place. As I approached, they easily smelled the inviting smell of fresh water.

They did not wait until I finally left, but began to drink fresh water, as they actually died from severe exhaustion, ”says a noble resident of Kenya. Seeing how wild animals gradually come to life is the best reward for Mr. Mvalua!

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