Husband and wife have transformed a school bus into a real house on wheels. He doesn’t want to go anywhere

Some people are not able to live in the same place, they are ready to move, to travel all their life. For the majority, it remains a dream, only a few have managed to make the dream a reality.

Remote work allows you to travel and earn a salary. Husband and wife bought an old bus and started restoring it.

First it was thoroughly washed, the seats were removed.

New windows and new floors were then installed. The bus was also repainted white to help keep the sun out. An additional window in the ceiling let in lots of light. At the final stage, electrical installation, wall painting, furniture installation were carried out. The height of the ceilings of the bus is quite high, it is convenient to stand on it.

A year and a half later, we managed to get a comfortable house suitable for permanent residence and travel.

It has everything you need – a place to sleep, a washing machine, storage space and even a bathroom. In the kitchen with an oven you can cook ordinary meals.

After a complete renovation of the new house, the family goes on a trip.

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