Friendship of a dog and a baby seal

At the meteorological station called “Solnechnaya” at the beginning of July this year, a baby seal was found. He was found on the shore of Lake Baikal in a not very good condition: he hardly moved and refused to eat. This story might have had a pretty bad ending if it wasn’t for a local dog named Nika. She immediately “adopted” a small sigil. When the baby was able to come to his senses, Nika took care of him in every possible way, tried not to leave. The dog nursed her new baby for three days, even forgetting to eat.

At first, scientists wanted to give the little animal to drink delicious goat’s milk, but he constantly slept and did not eat. True, Nick carefully licked him for an hour, and he woke up and agreed to eat fish. It should be noted that all seals always eat in the water. The guest, who was called Umka, was therefore placed in a special bath for dinner. There he spent the night.

A day later, meteorologists carried the baby to the lake and carefully deposited him there. For two days he swam with great joy in the great Baikal, but he easily swam to the call, delighting his friends. It was not until the third day that he sailed forever, apparently, met his own parents.

Nika missed her son dearly, but eleven goats demanded her constant attention at the train station. The dog treats them like their own children: guards, and also grazes and even gathers in a small herd. And cute goats always wash their face.

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