92 pediatricians treat children from poor families free of charge

Often people with good hearts take care of those in need. At the same time, they take nothing for their help. As for Ivan Fontour, he is such a person. Now this pediatrician is elderly, but continues to treat children. His total professional experience is 68 years.

The examination of small patients takes place at Ivan’s on Mondays and Thursdays, while the doctor does not take anything during the examination. Parents bring him children from all over Brazil. These are usually people who do not have the opportunity to seek help from official doctors.

Everyone who knows Ivan personally characterizes him as a very modest and simple person who has an incredibly big heart. In addition, everyone notes the talent of this doctor, because he has extensive experience in the field of diagnostics. This doctor always has a house full of patients. Ivan thinks you have to work until the end of your life. And so he’s going to keep doing the reception as long as he can.

Of course, such selfless help and kindness arouses people’s sympathy, and this doctor is very beloved.

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