The squirrel climbed into the bird feeder and ate so much that he could not get back out

A chubby Welsh squirrel paid the price for its belly-indulgence. warns against overeating in cramped spaces

The furry gourmet looked after herself a garden plot near one of the houses for dining. The owner prepared several metal rod feeders for the wintering birds for the cold weather. Inside, there were containers filled with seeds and nuts for the birds, and the squirrel coveted them. Having robbed a couple of feeders, she could not get out of the next “dining room”, due to a greatly increased waist.

Fortunately, the owner of the house noticed the sad prisoner, looking longingly at freedom. According to him, the squirrel suffered in silence, clutching the bars with its paws and sticking its muzzle out. The man did not manage to rescue the fluffy robber on his own and he had to turn to the rescuers. Freeing the hairy gourmet for a specialist with the right tool was a matter of a couple of minutes. The squirrel calmly waited for the end of the procedure and did not interfere, however, as soon as the veterinarian tried to examine the animal for wounds, she quickly dodged and ran away from people headlong.

The rescuers, looking at her agility, decided that she would hardly have been so nimble if she had been injured. They speculated philosophically that only her pride seemed to have suffered from the incident.


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