The grandson invited his grandmother to the graduation because in her youth she did not have the opportunity to attend this holiday

Michael Ganchevski is handsome and the favorite of the class, he could invite any girl to the prom and she would agree to go with him. But two weeks before the holiday, not a single classmate received an invitation.

His grandmother Josephine helped Michael prepare for graduation, she told him that in 1961 she did not go to her graduation. Her family was poor and, of course, her parents simply did not have the opportunity to buy her daughter an evening dress. The girl did not want to go in casual clothes. “Better no graduation than some,” she decided then.

After the story of his grandmother, Michael did not think long and invited her to the graduation as a companion. At first, the grandmother refused, believing that she was too old to go. But after much persuasion, she finally said yes!

“It was the best day of my life, thanks to my grandson,” Josephine admitted in an interview. What do you think of the young man’s behavior? I think it’s very worthy!

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