The bride who works with special children received a stunning surprise from the groom

Cynthia Bonfante Pereira lives in Brazil and works as a speech therapist with children who suffer from Down syndrome. They and toddlers learn to perceive language and communication skills. Despite the fact that the girl’s profession is not the easiest, she loves her children very much and is always happy to run to work. Recently, very pleasant changes have taken place in her life – she got married. The wedding was attended by people who were close to the newlyweds – these are relatives, friends and colleagues.

But the groom decided that he still needed to call someone else. And he came up with a truly touching surprise for his bride. Secretly from Cynthia, he phoned the parents of the children with whom she works and invited them to the wedding. Four sunny girls and three boys came to the celebration to congratulate their beloved speech therapist. The girls were dressed in beautiful white dresses, and the boys, like real gentlemen, wore a bow tie.

The boys who rode the electric car looked especially cute. The happy bride could not hold back her tears, but what is there, the groom himself almost shed a tear. And the eldest of the children gave the young wedding rings.


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