The boy’s life began in the garbage, and he grew up and surprised everyone

The life of the 32-year-old millionaire inventor Freddie Figgers began, literally, in the garbage. A passer-by heard the cry of a newborn baby and called the rescue service.

The baby did not stay long in the care of social services, he was adopted by the married couple Nathan and Betty Figgers. Since it was in the tiny town of Quincy, Florida, it was not possible to hide the circumstances of his birth from the local community. The boy suffered from ridicule at school, he was teased as a “garbage man.” Freddie was lucky with his adoptive parents, they did everything possible so that the child received the main thing in childhood – love and warmth. When the boy began to grow up, his father decided to channel his energy into a peaceful direction and purchased an old computer from a local pawnshop for only $25.

As Freddie recalls, the parent wanted to distract him from walking the streets. Suddenly, the teenager was so carried away by the hobby that he began to spend all his free time repairing and improving his Macintosh. He succeeded so much that by the age of 13 he received his first clients, including even the city administration. His company Figgers Communications appeared when the guy was only 16 years old.

Now its cost is over sixty million dollars, in those years it was a small project to repair computer equipment. Later, Freddie began to create websites to order and was responsible for the safety of data in the “cloud”. The guy received the first patent for the invention of a tracker that allows you to track the location of the patient. He created it when his father’s Alzheimer’s disease began to progress and he periodically began to leave home. Then Freddie was in his early 20s, but technologies that make it easier to care for the sick are a priority for development in his company now. According to the inventor, he follows the example of his parents, who tried to make the world a little better. By the way, he never looked for his biological parents, but nevertheless, information about his mother became known over time. The woman was a drug addict of the oldest profession, it is not surprising that by sending the child to the dumpster, she gave him a chance for a different life. Freddie Figgers did not receive a higher education, all his time was devoted to business and the development of new technologies, but he founded a foundation that provides scholarships for the education of talented youth. In addition, the millionaire actively sponsors the elderly and low-income people, paying for their utility bills and helping with housing. Freddie Figgers is happily married and has two children. The same old Macintosh is still kept in his house, from which his hobby began, which turned into a life’s work.

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