Life without the Internet and gadgets: what it was

Parents of modern children do not deny them practically anything. They have the latest mobile phones, fancy toys designed to develop their intelligence and memory. But a few decades ago, children lived without computers, gadgets and the Internet. What did they do, what were their interests and entertainments?

For many, the Soviet era is still fresh in their memory. However, today’s children do not even imagine now how you can live a day without access to a social network. Young people have the opportunity to plunge into the Soviet era, and the older generation – to nostalgic for the irrevocably gone days.

Happy carefree childhood! Gang to gang or yard to yard The taste of Soviet natural soda cannot be compared with anything.

Shortbread with milk – a favorite treat from childhood .These sleds will be remembered by many

Children could not be driven off the snow slides. And it doesn’t matter if you had a sled or not . A special sleep ritual. The children looked at the carpet that hung on the wall in every house.

Kindergarten was associated with delicious milk soup Homemade straws made according to my grandmother’s recipe. The main assistant is the Soviet waffle iron

Cheese numbers: children played a game who has more collection

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