What has a mother who gave birth to nine children in May become like today?

On May 5, 26-year-old Halima Cissé broke the previous record by giving birth to nine kids. In Ain Borha, Morocco, newborns typically weigh between 500 grams and one kilogram. Halima first thought she was the mother of seven kids. According to doctors, newborns have a 50% chance of surviving. In twenty-one minutes, nine babies—five girls and four boys—are born.”My sister was holding my hand, and I was thinking about how I would take care of kids and who would be able to help always,” the young mother stated.

At least seven liters of infant food and one hundred bedding must be provided daily for six babies. Each three hours, babies are inspected. The Republic of Mali’s government has assumed responsibility for the costs of child care that have surpassed one million euros.

Halima is still struggling to cling onto her child. A new mother needs to have the time to start over. Also, they have a Suda, a two-year-old girl, waiting for them at their house. She also requires unwavering love. The father of the kids is unable to provide for all the requirements of his large family. Kader Arbi has a history of employment in the shipping sector.


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His wife and daughter also shared a small three-bedroom home with him. Now that they need more room for the ten kids, they must move. Children acquire weight and stabilize quickly, according to the medical profession. Halima never gave up having children in the face of everything she went through. She remarked that perhaps in the future, we’ll have more kids.

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