The kids in this family don’t go to school; instead, they learn outside.

The parents of several children, Amy and Steve Sale live in Victoria, Australia. One of their four children has completed high school. It all began with their daughter Ebony, who decided to enroll in home school at the age of 13 because she found traditional schooling to be too hard.

It was initially difficult for each person to get used to a new manner of learning. For the parents, this has proven to be considerably more challenging than regular schooling.


Amy looked online for those who specialize in teaching kids about “nature” in an effort to find a method to simplify her life. She discovered such a team. The primary difference with this approach is that the kids get to pick what they wish to learn. And learning new things is not currently happening; rather, it is happening in nature.

We disagreed of the school system and believed that our kids would study better on their own.

This instruction was appropriate for Ebony. Amy and Steve took their two cadet kids, Bodhi and Kai, out of the elementary school on the advice of their daughter.

A few years ago, the family decided to sell their house and traverse the entirety of Australia in their camper. Throughout the way, children come across several different creatures.

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