The couple explains as they board the school bus, “We didn’t have enough money, but we found a solution.” They live there with their kids.

Young American couple Jessica Rucha, 26, and Adam Serre, 28, have enough money to work hard and spend it all on housing. As a result, they decided against renting an apartment. For three years, the duo has been performing around the nation.

The couple travels with their mobile house. A school bus formerly served as the new house. The plan is aimed at those who will start their projects early in 2018. They claimed they had enough money to put in 60 hours a week of labor and pay most of their income toward their salaries. Rucha and Serre paid $2400 on a school bus that they later transformed into a cozy house because they were motivated to make a big difference in their lives.

Their sons Laken and Holton, who are six and five years old, are currently traveling with them in the United States. Their daughter Joella, who is now two years old, was born after they began a new life. Adam has met the couple’s financial demands by selling shirts, engaging in commercial ventures, and taking photographs. Travelers spend about $1,000 a month on lodging.

The pair has no plans to ride a school bus throughout the day. A house is what is wanted. Yet, the youngsters are sure that the knowledge they will acquire while riding the bus would be very beneficial to them in the future.

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