Don’t be surprised, but this woman is twenty years old

The present day hero is not one of the people who frequently create Instagram posts with the intention of making money. Her youngster served as the motivation for her to launch a social media page.

Italian-born The 54-year-old Jacqueline Berrido Pisano owns a reliable business and makes over 100,000 euros per month. She didn’t set out to become a social media celebrity, but she did. This has to do with his startlingly youthful appearance. The age on Jacqueline’s passport does not match her appearance. This holds true for both the face’s beauty and its silhouette. The vast majority of people on the planet have access to the internet.

Her children are so taken by her good taste and beauty that they are the ones who initially persuade their mother to open a social media account. Later, his secretary and associates began posting photos to Instagram. She then started choosing places for her pictures, images, and settings like a true Internet celebrity. In the first two years, she was able to sign up 400 000 subscribers. Almost 550 000 people subscribe to her channel at this time.

Despite having two young girls, the mother kept up her looks by paying attention to every last detail. Although she occasionally chooses to wear short gowns and other revealing attire, she always dresses stylishly.

His daughters just address him by his first name and don’t refer to him as Mama. She agrees that regardless of whether it comes naturally or not, money cannot purchase a sense of style. Pisano pledged to savor coffee and wine in equal measure. But she skips dinner and consumes scant amounts of breakfast and lunch.

She makes an effort to go to bed early and stay in bed for eight hours or more. Jacqueline uses herself as an example to show that people may still be active in their 50s.

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