Granny, who is in charge of 137 dogs and is 71 years old, says, “I have to keep going despite my elderly age.”

To continue taking care of these canines and the 25 cats she also fosters, Gorica Angelkovska of Serbia needs assistance. She remarked, “I would be content knowing that they will look after the animals when I am no longer here.

When someone realizes they are not enjoying themselves, they may occasionally decide to assist these animal pals on their own. Gorica Angelkovska, a 71-year-old Serbian grandmother who has managed to care for 162 dogs and cats despite having limited finances, serves as an illustration of this.

Since they were puppies, he has fostered 137 dogs, and without him, the majority would not have survived. Especially in the winter, she finds this work more challenging and is concerned for the welfare of her furry family members. It becomes challenging to move around the shelter, feed the animals, and maintain it tidy.

The grandmother added that they gave me hopeless looks. She decided to construct a sort of shelter on a plot of land she had purchased in order to provide them a place to dwell. “Not being able to meet their needs has been my main worry this winter. I already have problems lifting buckets, transporting trash, and dealing with big objects in general. Everything is ten times more difficult in the winter. She said, “I very certainly need some assistance.

I can’t turn to anyone else for assistance, so I must continue. I’m becoming old fast. I’m sincerely concerned about making it through this winter, the speaker declared. To find a caregiver who could take care of the dogs, the worldwide animal rescue group Harmony Fund began a campaign and solicited sponsors. I’m looking for someone who can eventually take over the shelter. If I knew the animals will be cared for when I go, it would make me happy. The grandmother went on to say that it’s challenging to meet someone who shares their enthusiasm and ambition.

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