With his own imaginative artwork, the researcher created stunning sea molluscs dancing.

They are a different species. A Russian marine researcher who has devoted his life to studying the ocean has captured the “angel of the sea,” a little species of mollusk, in some amazing photos and videos. These aquatic creatures are native to the waters of the planet’s north, and their luminous bodies and winged appearance gave them their name.


My own goal is to use underwater photography to spark interest in marine biodiversity among the general population. I do this by sharing all of my findings on social media and in person at events like media conferences, public lectures, films, and exhibitions.


Yet, they leave as soon as the water becomes too hot. No one knows where they went, but in February of the following year, they resurface beneath the ice. Only their ability to go longer than six months without eating is known. Nobody has yet found a technique to follow the motions of a little angel in the cold waters and find out where they go. The ocean has unexplored animal and plant species. Share this message with your friends to surprise them with this gallery.



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