The man decided to accept internet orders after starting to make wooden toys for his daughters. They had money.

His work was favorably welcomed, and now the United States even places orders with him. The 70-year-old Don Ramón battled for a while to sell his handcrafted furniture, which left him feeling quite depressed and frustrated. Fortunately, all he needed to help him spread the word about his efforts on social media was a sympathetic young woman. The ideal situation would be for the grandparents to stay at home enjoying their golden years, but many of them are unable to do so due to a lack of wealth or family, and as a result, they must work in order to develop in life even though they are elderly. Ramón Rojas, a grandfather from Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico, devotes his time to creating hand-crafted wooden doll furniture from his stall outside a zoo.

At the age of 35, Don Ramón began working as a carpenter and self-taught himself what he knows. He was constantly inspired to build toys for his daughters because he wanted to see them happy. But, his business was not at all going well. Thankfully, a young woman decided to have a conversation with him, listen to his story, and eventually assist him in expanding his company. Fernanda Valle was walking close to the zoo when she saw Don Ramón sitting and looking towards the horizon. She was moved by her possessions and decided to speak to him.

After seeing that his sales were not going well, Ramón offered to publish his work online in order to inspire people to locate him and buy his things. The young woman shared a message and numerous images on social media to show off the wonderful furniture. Don Ramón is a person or thing. Don Ramón didn’t have much hope in the success of his book, but he really appreciated Fernanda’s good intentions. Ramón was ignorant that social media is one of, if not the most, effective methods for business marketing.

Several people visited his stall to make purchases from him, and hundreds more uploaded images of him to social media. A request to ship furnishings to America has been made of the individual due to his success. We are ecstatic that Don Ramón may now take pleasure in the fruits of his effort, and we hope that he will continue to be hired to build furniture.

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