Cute animal-shaped vases that pull water for the flowers

The best companions for taking care of your plants. I wish I were skilled in plant maintenance, but I’m not.  If you’re like me, these adorable and endearing animal planters are ideal for you: Owning a plant is not a joke. Make sure you closely adhere to the care recommendations to keep your plants happy and healthy. One of the most important aspects of plant maintenance is giving your plants enough water.

You shouldn’t water your plants excessively. You can now get help from these stunning flower pots to complete this task. These “Peropon Drinking Animal Planters” are available at the Firebox online novelty and gift shop.

When immersed in a tray of water, these have the cutest animal shapes and have long tongues that water your plant. You can purchase a small cat, panda, dog, or frog for $13.50 USD each. Nevertheless, let’s be real:

You’ll need at least one of each for your small plant collection. Now that you know you won’t have to water them, you might want to purchase more plants. Which of these pots would you buy? Give us your comments! Send a set of these charming planters to your friends who adore plants.

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