The infant gets to meet the twin sibling of his father. The video has now received 75 million views.

Twins can often be difficult to distinguish, particularly if your father and your uncle have identical features. When the father’s twin brother’s identical twin sibling was babysat for a day, the 16-month-old baby was a little puzzled. Many are raving about the baby’s reaction after dad Stephen Ratpojanakul of New York was able to capture the hilarious moment on camera and publish the video on Facebook and Youtube. The movie has received over 75 million views on YouTube alone.

Reed’s parents, Stephen and Carroll, left him with Michael and Caryn at their apartment so they could watch him for the day. Yet the young youngster found it extremely difficult to identify his father when he returned. The infant can be seen in the video struggling to determine which of the two men is his father and alternately reaching between his father Stephen and brother Michael’s arms while addressing both as “Dada.” Since he was born, we had essentially seen him every week, but this was the first time we had spent the entire day with him without Stephen present, Michael said ABC News. – I believe that’s what caused his confusion. The fact that the father was sporting his glasses on this particular day added to the uncertainty. – While I always wear glasses, Stephen wasn’t wearing them that day, which is unusual for him, adds Michael. “I believe that it bewildered him much more when we both wore glasses.” See for yourself in the amusing clip in the video below:


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