Visitors to Yellowstone see the park’s rarest mammal up close.

People travel from all over the world to zoos to watch the animals. But, it does occasionally happen that you attend and are unable to see the animal you are so eager to see. While visiting the zoo, an exciting occurrence involved a group of visitors who were extremely fortunate to see a wolf, the population of which is restricted in that park.

When the wolverine crossed the road in front of a group of tourists last Saturday while they were strolling through the animal park, it was a rare sight. He even paused briefly to observe them from a safe distance. The amazing meeting only lasted a short while, but it was long enough to captivate the group, including a young girl with her father who was 9 years old. Throughout the rest of the trip, the 9-year-old kept stating, “Wow…we saw a wolverine today!” Owner of the tour operator MacNeil Lyons told For The Win Outdoors.

I remarked, “She said that was the finest day of her life.” Ms. Lyons even shared this peculiar encounter on Facebook! These visitors must feel quite fortunate because there are relatively few wolverines in Yellowstone, let alone ones that will cross your path. Only seven wolverines are known to be present in the park.


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