On her 15th birthday, the younger sister sang a song to the older one. She rose to become the evening’s queen.

The eldest child of Mexican boxer Saul “Canelo” lvarez, Emily, turned 15 this weekend, and her family decided to throw a lavish party to mark the occasion. It goes without saying that for Emily, it was a fairy tale weekend. The event itself featured a wide range of amenities and entertainment, and the night’s main attraction flaunted her style by changing into several outfits. She began out wearing a striking red dress with a long train, changed into one to enter the party and snap some pictures, and then changed into a shorter dress to dance and enjoy herself at the party. In order to make her kid feel like a princess, the world champion did not think twice about throwing the house out the window. All of the guests, with the exception of a few annoyances, were really pleased with the event.

The moment Canelo’s younger daughter took the stage and walked over to her elder sister to sing captured the show and everyone’s attention. Five-year-old Mara Fernanda Alvarez Gómez, who dedicated a song to Emily, shared a memorable moment when she started singing one of ranchera and Mexican music’s most recognizable songs to the beat of Cielo Rojo.

The two sisters’ connection is not commonly displayed on social media, but the XV-year party was the ideal venue to display their strong chemistry and love for one another, despite their age difference. The event was caught on camera by his mother, Canelo’s wife, and uploaded on social media, where it soon attracted thousands of views and comments.


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