When the family initially believed noises coming from the first level of the house were coming from a cat, they were in for a genuine surprise.

Early in the morning, Jane Ross headed to the gym. She heard a commotion downstairs as she down the stairs but assumed it was just a cat. After returning, the woman heard the commotion again and decided to investigate. This time, she did not see any cats, but she did meet a real seal that spent two hours wandering around the home, playing in the hallway, and sleeping on the sofa in the living room.

Just 150 meters separate the Ross family home from the water. It appears that the seal entered through the cat door. He spent around two hours exploring the hallways before falling asleep on the couch. When the dogs left in this situation, the seal did not respond to the cat’s attempts to defend its territory; instead, the sea creature just ignored the cat’s annoyance.

The household pet eventually made it to the second storey. A representative of the Department of Conservation arrived to collect the seal in the afternoon. He returned the curious marine creature to the water and let it go:


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