The service dog for cars has mastered carrying tires for the owner; he now carries out genuine auto maintenance tasks. Video

Every day the dog who lived in the car service observed the owner at work. And at last discovered something new: the dog started to put up with tires for the owner. She now appears to work like a real mechanic, as seen in the video. The dog runs up to the tires that are spread out at the box’s entrance as the video starts. An intelligent dog analyzes and sniffs each item before starting to carry it. Later on, the causes of his actions become apparent. Depending on their size, the dog tolerates tires, however one turned out to be smaller than the others.

The clever critter packed all the tires together, took the smallest one last, and mended the others. Thus, the dog in the video was able to take all four tires at once and delivered them to the owner gently. The dog video soon gained popularity. Everyone in the room concurred that the mechanic’s pet is a quick learner.


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