The man fed the raven every day, and a year later the bird gave him something he had misplaced:

On the outskirts of Vladimir, there was an elderly man who lived alone. He started feeding the crow that flew to the balcony out of boredom and ultimately grew accustomed to bringing food out for him each day. The wise bird chose to thank the man by giving him back a very priceless item a year later.

After his wife left him, George lived alone. He retreated inside of himself and avoided contacting his friends and family. Every day he met with a smile because he knew that the raven would fly to the balcony once more because it had become his only outlet since it had flown in. George had to spend the winter months visiting his daughter who lived in a different city. The man kept thinking about the raven and assumed that it had long since taken flight in quest of food.

George eventually went back home. The man heard a recognizable knock on the window the following morning. When Georgy opened the balcony door, he noticed the same raven with something glittering in its beak. After throwing the “present,” Raven leaped away.

A set of earrings that the man’s wife had long since lost were in his hands when he took up the object. It is uncertain where the crow took it. But these birds are incredibly intelligent and capable of deductive reasoning. As demonstrated by Raven’s continued flight to George’s balcony, ornithologists’ tests also demonstrate that they are empathetic. Although this is no longer necessary, it no longer provides blessings.


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