The girl decided to practice her singing, but the cat showed her and showed her how.

A student at a music school made the decision to sing more frequently at home. Only a few verses of her song could be heard before a cat unexpectedly appeared, sat down in front of the microphone, and demonstrated how it should be done. Along with studying, Maura sings in an opera company. Just before the concert that night, the girl learnt her part and practiced. True, it didn’t work out for a while, but practically right away Maximino the cat emerged in the frame. He took over the solo role entirely. The cat didn’t just mumble; it hit the notes hard and even maintained the rhythm.

After first attempting to stop the animal, Maura was moved by his skills and kept recording videos. In a brief video, Maximino demonstrates truly exceptional solo data: The majority of the noises that cats make were devised expressly for human communication. It is not shocking that the singer’s pet imitates her speech.


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