In the entire village that he bought, only his laws are now followed.

The architect from Belarus purchased an entire village for himself. He developed his own laws, which the entire community abides by, and then made a video explaining why he even required his own village with his workers and acres of agricultural land. The man lives here like a real feudal ruler.

The tiny village’s history dates back to 1917; Tinevichi is how Polish maps identify it. By agreement, the land was given to the USSR in 1939, after Belarus. The distant village’s residents gradually dispersed until every home was vacant. The father of the story’s author decided to rehabilitate the settlement instead of just demolishing it and turning the land into farmland.

The village’s current owner was employed as an architect in the city but was made unemployed. He promised to assist his father, got involved right away, and assumed control of the project’s management. The entire hamlet could not be saved, and the procedure took several years. Since the previous sale contract for the property was just completed three years earlier, it was required to track down each owner. The Belarusian truly evolved into a feudal lord after that. There are 13 real huts in the entire town.

The region was fully repaired by the Belarusian, who recruited laborers. Around are fields, and the settlement itself has become a tourist destination. Every year, the turnover has climbed, and by the fall, the “feudal lord” hopes to begin turning a profit. The Belarusian videotaped his discourse regarding purchasing a village:

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