The photographer presents several photos showing how they resembled their owners.

There is a widespread belief that pets gradually become, for some reason, extremely similar to their own owners. An English photographer named Gerard Jetings wanted to check it out. He is the owner of a dog, with which, according to many people around him, he is very similar in appearance.

The guy’s friends did not lie, as two cute shaggy faces were looking at the camera. Thus was started the famous Jetings series of people and their pets. At first, dogs and their owners took part in the work. In the second season, the owners of the cats posed for the photographer.

Moreover, the striking similarity between people and animals did not become less from this. Gerard, of course, slightly tweaked the result, choosing clothes that were similar in color to people, as well as choosing the most optimal pose for the photo.

However, if you look closely, it is immediately obvious that this does not help much, since people and their pets seem to be real twins.


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