The parrot is so cunning that it easily learned to meow like a cat

The law of nature says that everyone must remain in the place where they were born. However, in modern conditions, compliance with this rule is typical only for animals. For example, a parrot was born in one family. He felt great, he was well cared for and watched over. However, there were cats in this family.

Попугай решил спародировать кота

As you know, a cat can hardly become a great friend for a bird. And then everything is clear. However, a parrot can still get used to such conditions if it can abstract. Parrots are smart birds and this parrot is a great example. He managed to learn to speak the cat’s language. And today he purrs, meows and hisses just like real cats. Of course, it is difficult for people to understand what exactly is at stake, but it is still important that animals are not bored together at all. You can easily see this by watching the video.

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