The goose is kind enough to hug the little puppy to warm him up.

Animals are very often ready to help each other, and despite all the differences. The heroes of this amazing story are ordinary goose and dog. Thanks to her, we can once again make sure that even between such different beings, real friendship can arise.

Чтобы согреть маленького песика, гусь обнял его крылом. Разве это не мило?

A homeless little puppy froze right on the street. Apparently, his mother left him or the little animal got lost. It is not known how it would have ended if a goose had not passed nearby. The bird very quickly realized that the dog definitely needed help. The goose came closer and carefully covered the baby with its wing, trying to warm it up in this way!

Гусь обнял маленького щенка, чтобы согреть

The puppy immediately felt much warmer, and pictures of this cute moment, taken by ordinary passers-by, quickly spread over the Internet and became very famous.

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