An Indian farmer does good and feeds 7000 families.

On our planet, there are still too many people in need. This story will focus on Indian village communities. Farmer Bhagirat Menda, an ordinary resident of one of these communities, once decided to help his compatriots, as he could do it.

The man knew that his parents were saving money from a young age in order to provide for their own son in the future. However, their family was now quite wealthy, so that money was never useful to him. In this regard, Bhagirat Menda decided to spend them on helping more than 7,000 people in need.

The man purchased the necessary products and organized their delivery to all those in need. Poor Indian families have now received ten kilograms of flour, soap, biscuits and vegetable oil, as well as sugar and various spices, from a generous farmer.

Bhagirat Menda believes that in this difficult time, supporting each other is the responsibility of everyone. He really hopes that his example will surely inspire other people to help those who really need it.

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