Iran is where these three sisters were born. They are now adults who work in the fashion sector. These are how they are

Many people know an interesting and strange story, how many years ago one Iranian woman was absolutely sure throughout her pregnancy that she would eventually have only one girl, but during childbirth it suddenly turned out that there would be three of them. Parents at the same time were pleased with this amazing replenishment.

Despite many difficulties, the sisters were brought up in care. Each of them had as much parental attention as required. According to Iranian customs, after reaching the age of eighteen, sisters had to find a husband and start building their own family. However, the girls did not do this, and so that there would be no problems in the future, they simply moved to the city of London.

The girls’ parents supported their children and even helped them with rent. The sisters Elnaz, Tanaz and Golnaz decided to work in the fashion world, so they entered the educational institution necessary for this.

After that, they created accounts in popular social networks, where they now share fashionable “bows” with fans and are gaining more and more popularity every day.

It was due to his blog that Iranian girls began to be invited to various photo shoots, as well as to offer good work with famous brands. At present, the sisters are not in a hurry to get married, they are too passionate about their careers and they quite like their current life.

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