For years in the same place in front of the house, the dog waits for its owner, who left him

Much has been written and said about dog loyalty. I just want to ask all people not to leave these animals, because they believe us .The dog’s name is Hay, every day, morning and evening, he comes to the house where he used to live with his owner. On a small island of bamboo thickets, the inhabitants built a small tent so that the dog could rest in it for a while.

They also brought him food there. It is also said that Hay never clashed with other dogs and did not touch children. Very smart, sensitive and gentle dog.

“This dog is very loyal. For three whole years she has been waiting for her owner since he left. She never thought of leaving this place or finding a new owner. She hopes that one day the previous owner will come back for her,” said one of the girls looking after the dog.

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