Several Maine Coons that impress not only with gigantic size, but also with charisma

Sometimes women really want metamorphosis in their appearance. And most often the changes concern the hair. A burning brunette who is “slightly over fifty” came to a beauty salon in order to radically change her image. She decided on a rather bold step: to become a redhead.

The woman had previously had shoulder-length hair. It was noticeable that her hair needed changes. In the salon, the stylist examined the structure of the hair, picked up the paint and proceeded to coloring. After a successful test, the master began to apply paint along the entire length, starting from the bottom strands.

The stylist also applied paint to the roots. But he took a different tone for this. This helped create volume. The stylist cut the client’s hair to the ears and made a stylish bang. The final stage was the modeling of the hairstyle.

For more volume, he raised the roots with a comb and applied a fixative, and then twisted the ends. The red color turned out to be a woman’s face. Thanks to the new hairstyle, she looked about ten years younger.

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