Young bride wears 88-year-old grandmother’s wedding dress

There are things that are close to my heart. And for Ellie Livingwater from the USA, this one was also found. It turned out to be my grandmother’s wedding dress, which, although she kept it, she did not consider it to be anything special. And what was the grandmother surprised when she learned that her granddaughter wanted to walk down the aisle in her outfit?

For 60 years he’s been waiting for his second finest hour, and now it’s here. Ellie looked so gorgeous in it that all the guests couldn’t stop admiring her image. Moreover, the girl just had it dry cleaned, otherwise the outfit was perfect.

Elli said on social networks that she and her grandmother are very close, because the girl grew up next to her. And a few years ago, accidentally discovering a wedding dress in a garbage bag in the attic, she firmly decided that she would marry in it. The 88-year-old grandmother was moved when she saw her beautiful granddaughter at the celebration. And not only him. And this moment became one of the most valuable for Ellie.

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