In the frame, the photographer got a mother-opossum, which carries the whole family on itself

For the North American opossum, the development of technology has not passed by. Driving along one of Wisconsin’s many suburban roads, a guy named Ed saw a possum in the distance, crossing from one side to the other. He was running fast enough, but something was definitely slowing him down, as if he were dragging a sack. And, having already arrived, the driver realized that it was not luggage at all, but five fluffy and restless children who clung to their parent while she transferred them across the road.


They looked very comical – four animals grabbed the mother across the body, making her a good protection from the wind. But the fifth on the back of the mother did not have enough space, so he grabbed the tail and hung on it. It cannot be said that he was in the most uncomfortable position. Their tails are so powerful that they help them stay on the branches, because it just hovered, and did not drag above the ground. Most likely, it turned out to be difficult for his brother, who settled himself at the head, since he had to put a lot of effort to break loose – not the best adventure. The responsibility of the female can be envied. With what unbending will she strove to complete the transition as soon as possible. Nature laws

The situation in the photo is typical. Mother and offspring have a strong bond. But here the heroes of the article have already grown a lot and simply will not fit into the bag. In general, there are many different videos on the network, which depict families of marsupials walking on the back of a parent. Moreover, the cubs sit on their backs not only during walks. From two to five months, they almost do not get off the mother’s neck. But when the heirs begin an independent life, they do not support any company relations. If there was no need to produce new representatives, then they would not contact their relatives.

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