The old factory was bought and turned into a palatial house

The family decided to invest their last money in an abandoned factory on the outskirts of the city. To their acquaintances, the purchase seemed, to put it mildly, an unreasonable waste, but Raquel and Emelien’s plan for the reconstruction was thought out in advance.

Two years later, the new owners showed an ultra-modern loft, which, moreover, cost them less than a small apartment in a new building. The plant was quite small and located in a rather good place – it is the outskirts of a large city, but the outskirts are quiet with a convenient transport interchange. All communications have already been completed. And in the blank walls there were clearly not enough windows, but this problem was solved quite simply.

Almost all internal partitions have been removed. The room itself was divided into two floors, placing a cozy bedroom right under the roof windows. See how the work progressed: The project, which began as an adventure, brought fame to Raquel and Emelien. They have already been hired to implement similar ideas.


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