The camera was installed in a box and began to observe how the bird builds a nest. The process took 45 days

British ornithologists installed the camera in a wooden box on a tree. Almost immediately, the tit became interested in new housing. In the video, scientists began to observe how the tit builds a nest the process was considered quite fast, but it took 45 days. 

A birdhouse with a built-in camera was hung from a tree on the outskirts of a small English town. Ornithologists were waiting for tits: it is known that these birds are unpretentious in choosing nesting sites. The main thing for them is the warmth that they receive by carefully creating a nest inside. 

Titmouse usually spends 14 days or more to build a nest. But the birds caught on camera seemed to be perfectionists: they settled in for 45 days. Ornithologists published the final video of the nest construction on a private channel. Naturally, the process is accelerated. The video also caught the moment the chicks appeared: The video ends when all the chicks have left the nest. Each of them makes his own.



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